Hi, I’m Leah Albrecht, and I get it.
I truly do.

I don’t enjoy being on camera either.

No. That’s not strong enough – I truly despise it.

I’m the one who takes pictures, I’m rarely in them.

But the gurus said you need to use video if you want to be successful at marketing and they have all these stats to prove it!

Ugh. So, I grit my teeth and filmed myself.

It was awful.

The absolute terribleness of it cannot be adequately described.

You could tell I wanted to be anywhere else but in front of the camera.

(Can I go to the dentist, please?)

Since practice makes perfect, I did a number of different videos.  While I improved, I did not feel comfortable.

There has to be a better way…

I started seeing all these animated videos.  They were fun and appealing.

And I thought – hey, I could do that.

I felt much better with the idea of being the voice behind the action.

So, I got in touch with my inner techie and learned how to create them.

But there was a problem.

They were kind of, well, cheesy. Cheap-looking. Amateurish.

I didn’t want to come across that way!

Then I found whiteboard video.


These videos are so compelling and engaging that you can’t click away until you watch to the end.

AND whiteboard videos are the best type of video to get viewers to take action – the research says so!

It’s your time to shine online!

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