The Method

Six Steps to Awesome

Consult – Compose Script – Put the Pieces Together – Give it a Voice – Bring it to Life – Love

STEP 1: Consult

We start with a phone or video consultation to assess your goals and define the overall look and feel of your video. We clarify the message you want to convey as well as your target audience to ensure that ever aspect of your video from script to voice over to animations match your business and your brand guidelines.

Any assets that you wish to incorporate are supplied (i.e. logo, background music).

STEP 2: Compose Script

A script that is both effective and engaging is one of the most
important steps of the video production process. We will work with you to produce a script that delivers the right message in a clear and compelling way making your message irresistible so that your video will inspire your viewers to say “Yes!”

If you provide the first draft of the script, we can help refine the
message, make it more powerful to suit the anticipated visuals.
Alternatively, we can write the script from scratch for an additional

The script will be submitted to you for editing and final approval
before proceeding.

STEP 3: Put the Pieces Together

A storyboard is a scene by scene outline and the basis for the visual component of your video where images are selected and matched to your script. The storyboard will let you see what the final video is going to look like.

We’ll ask for your feedback and sign off, making revisions if required, before we move on to production.

STEP 4: Give it a Voice

In step 4, we will give your video a voice. Your voice is most often the best voice to use because no one else is as passionate about what you do than you!

Now, it doesn’t have to be your voice. You may be thinking; I hate my voice! If so, there are other options – I can do the voice over or you can hire a professional voice over artist.

If you want background music in your video, please submit it in mp3 format.

Alternatively, you have the option to select from over 100+ amazing royalty-free background music that brings your video animation to life for an additional charge. The audio themes range from corporate oriented to exciting and humorous, hand-made by world-class producers.

STEP 5: Bring it to Life

In bring it to life – animate – all the pieces are combined in the actual creation of the video. Your video will be built scene by scene, timing the animation and transitions to the voice over and background music. This includes your call to action details and any logo you may wish to add.

STEP 6: Love

Now it is time to review your video. Sometimes there are things that you don’t like about your finished video. No worries, I will fix any technical issues that occur during video development to make your video just right. This does not include any content changes that occur after script approval.

Upon project approval, your video will be delivered in high quality 1080p HD format so you can start attracting, converting and closing sales right away!

It’s your time to shine online!

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